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When is a reservation not a reservation?

While this question may sound more like a riddle, it is an appropriate lead into an explanation as to why we currently manage dining “reservations” as we do currently.  In many cases a reservation is in fact a reservation.  When a member communicates to us that they are planning to dine with us or carry-out a food order, we make sure that there is a table or that your order is available at the desired date and time.  Unfortunately, given the current situation with difficulty finding staff, when we do not receive advance notice, it becomes difficult, if not impossible, to accommodate you without sacrificing the overall experience for all diners.

            In a perfect world, it would not be necessary to take reservations for members who wish to dine a la carte.   With the onset of COVID and the current staffing challenges, it has become almost mandatory that you call us ahead of time.  Days advance notice becomes especially important on known busier evenings, such as Friday Fish-fry. 

Additionally, it is understandably frustrating for members to see empty tables upon walking in or coming off the golf course and then be informed that we are already at capacity.    Please know that we are managing the dining rooms and kitchen flow according to volume and staffing. Even just an impromptu order of wings as you come from the golf course could upset the balance of getting the existing food orders out of the kitchen in a timely manner. Accepting additional food orders on top of the ones that the kitchen is already preparing can result in delayed service to all parties waiting for their meals

            The times of handling things “on the fly” are long gone.  Everyone is transitioning to the new normalcy resulting from COVID-related compliance mandates of restaurant service businesses. Covid has also impacted people being available to return to work. We are not alone in this short-staffing situation, as other clubs and restaurants are experiencing the same challenges.    The club’s leadership team is working towards improving the staffing situation as quickly as possible. 

Members are a priority.  Until we can get a handle on the staffing levels, we will continue to cater to the members first as much as possible.    We have been limiting the restaurant services offered to the general public. While we most certainly do not want to alienate the local population, as all patronage at Ellden’s benefits our members, we will continue to find ways to cater to the members’ needs and club expectations.

We are aware that the current situation at the restaurant may somewhat limit how you use your monthly food and beverage minimum.  Please keep in mind that anything that you order at the bar or Half-way House goes towards this minimum.

Your continuous understanding and patience while we work through staffing issues at restaurant is greatly appreciated.