Superintendent’s Corner

A message from the Golf Course Superintendent:


As we step into this month, the maintenance crew will begin adding sand to bunkers and giving them a good rock sifting.  We understand that the bunkers need some much needed work done to them, but we were overwhelmed with a number of irrigation breaks and the 90 degree heat. 

I would like to take this time to tell you that our irrigation system is very old and has a number of things wrong with it that makes maintaining turf very challenging from year to year.  The front nine irrigation system is original to when this course was built and is fully manual.  This mean that our team comes in early most days during the summer to turn a knob on each individual sprinkler head and pray that they still work from day to day.  The back nine holes have a fully automated system that is controlled by a computer system linked to the pump station.  A fully automated system on all 19 of our holes would drastically open up time for projects on the course.  I say this so you can understand why certain projects get pushed back passed the summer months and even into years to come.  This will come with time and I would like you to know that we will continue to work as hard to keep this golf course at peak conditions as long as I am the Superintendent. 

This being said, I would like for you to know that while I am on the course driving around, I am busy trying to find the time to accomplish all the tasks that need to be done.  It always seems like there‚Äôs not enough time in the day for me to get all the projects done, so if I drive by without a wave or stop to chat for a bit, this is why and I apologize for that.  We do have a twitter feed that you can comment on or look at what is happening on the course if you need more information or a question answered. 


Thank you for all of your understanding and have a great golf season.

If you have any questions moving forward, please call the maintenance department and leave a message.

Let the big dog eat

Golf Course Superintendent Ricky Johnson
Assistant Superintendent Scott Johnson